How do I change my flights?

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How do I cancel this reservation?

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What is an “E” ticket?

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What’s does my flight insurance cover?

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How do I file a claim?

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Car Rental

What are the age requirements to rent a car?

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Do I need an international driver permit?

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How do I pay for the car rental?

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Visa and Passport Assistance

How do I know if I need a Passport and/or Visa for my travel? What are the required documents and forms?

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I have an urgent need for a Passport, what can I do?

Passport processing can be expedited based on the requirements. Once all documents are received, “Rush” services apply when 3-10 business days are available for the processing, whereas “Emergency” services apply when 1-2 business days, or less, are available.

What is the difference between Visa validity and duration?

Validity refers to the amount of time before a travel document expires. Duration refers to the maximum stay in a country that is permitted on a visa. A Brazilian multiple entry visa may have a validity of five years, however, the maximum duration of stay at any one time is 90 days.

If a Visa is required; do I need to send in my actual Passport?

Yes. For most countries, a passport needs to be submitted so the visa may be stamped on one of the blank visa pages.

What are the fees associated with Visa and Passport processing?

The cost of services usually comprises of government/document issuing fees, delivery charges, rush surcharges (if any), our service fees and foreign national surcharges.



Are the hotel rates in US dollars?

Currency Conversions are based on approximate exchange rates at the time of booking and should be used for an approximate guide only.

What types of Credit Cards are accepted?

We generally accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard.

Can I cancel or make changes to my hotel booking?

Many pre-paid hotels are non refundable and cannot be cancelled or changed.


General Questions

Once I’ve begun my trip, who should I contact for help?

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Is escape24.co.za a member of any Travel Organizations?

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